In Buenos Aires

So, I arrived safely (yay!) and had a good flight. I sat next to a Brazilian guy named Diego, and he had been in the states for a veterinary internship for 6 months. He was a lot of fun to talk to. He thought I was Argentinian from my dark eyes and dark hair, but it didn't take long for him to figure out he was wrong, lol! Since he spoke Portuguese, we gestured and spoke in English. He had a pretty good grasp of English, so it wasn't too difficult!

We flew through some thunderstorms that were spectacular! I didn't realize it until we were almost past, so I only got a couple of pictures. Hopefully on the way home, we'll fly through some more.

This was flying into Buenos Aires at 7:00am. It's a HUGE city!

When I arrived, I went through customs, and they gave me a hard time about getting in, because I had NO information about where I was staying- NO address, NO phone number. Basically, without a phone number they weren't going to let me in. I tried to explain to the woman who spoke NO English, that I was meeting my Esposo here, and he had all the hotel accommodations, and we were vacationing and would be staying in MULTIPLE locations with MULTIPLE phone numbers... Paul didn't give me any warning that I would need an address or phone number, so I basically felt completely STUCK. After running around and trying to find someone that spoke English, (without success) The lady let me in. Haha!

Anyway, and my flight got into EZE early, so Paul and I had planned to meet where he could see me right when I walked through Customs. Well, I walked through, and he wasn't there, so I had to find a place to sit where I thought he would see me when he got there. I waited about 40 minutes, and THERE HE WAS! It was so surreal seeing him though! I was like... "Hey, I know that face..." "Hey, that's my HUSBAND!!!"

So, we got in the cab, and went about 25 minutes to this district where Paul had gotten us a hotel. It was SO nice! :-) We went out shopping and eating pretty much for 3 days striaght, and left the hotel this morning, and now we are with Hilda and Ceaser (host family). We are planning to stay here through Sunday, and then on Sunday, leave for Salta, and stay there for a week, and then back to Buenos Aires, then home.

The hotel where we stayed was called Esplendor, and it was in the Plaza De Mayo e Microcentro, where there was lots of shopping.

Our hotel room was very nice!

There are billions of pigeons. Really, everyone here is fit and in shape- there are not many obese people, but if you include the pigeons, they're probably closer to equal with the states on that level.

This is the Plaza De Mayo...
On one side of the Plaza, is La Casa Rosada. Translation: The pink house. For the country of Argentina, this is THE government building- basically, like The White House, in the states.

Alright, Paul is bugging me to go on a walk, so I will be posting more later. :-)
Chao, Chao!


  1. I love the photos that you took from the plane. Very cool.



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