More of Salta, and the Gondola ride

Ahh! I whole week gone by since my last post!
NOW I'm back in KC (we arrived home yesterday morning/afternoon), and had a good flight. I'll be posting more pictures as I get them organized.
On Monday, we arrived in Salta, and stayed at the Aires De Salta:

Buenos Aires178

Our room:

Buenos Aires179

(Decent) But of course, you heard about the shower fan not working, the room when it got steamed up smelling like pee- the internet connection being so slow it's not even worth mentioning, and on and on... So, it was a place to sleep that wasn't a single bed, and we were thankful.

They had a GREAT breakfast every morning, and I took pictures of that on my iPhone, but I'm probably not going to get them added to this post...

Soo.... Tuesday we went on this gondola ride up the mountain behind us, to the top. It was AMAZING! It was really fun!

Buenos Aires162

Buenos Aires163

Quite and amazing view of the city! You can see the mountains faintly in the background... It was very different from the rockies, because there were NO foothills. You can see the area below is just FLAT as a pancake (Salta) and then the Mountains just rise up out of nothing. It made for a very dramatic location!

This was at the top:
Buenos Aires164

It was much greener and cooler at the top, and it was a warmer day with temperatures in the 80's, so it was nice to get in the cooler air of the mountain.

Buenos Aires165

There was an entire city on the other side of the mountain, nestled in the valley. Yes, it looks grey and bleak, but it's winter there.

So, at the top, where it's sunnier, they had gardens and walking paths, and waterfalls (water garden, kind of), and a restaurant.

Buenos Aires166

Buenos Aires167

The waterfalls were man made, of course, but still neat!

Buenos Aires168

Buenos Aires169

Very Zen!

Below is a view of Salta.

Buenos Aires170

Buenos Aires171

Love it! Yes, I took it myself.

Really, the mountain was owned by the Catholic Church, and so there were Catholic Symbols all over the place, and crosses, and statues and stuff.

Buenos Aires173

Another view of the Gondolas

Buenos Aires172

You can see the layers of mountains as they just rise up from the valley.

The gondolas to into this building, where you get off and then get back on again to go back to the bottom.

Buenos Aires174

There were gigantic gears that powered the cables:
Buenos Aires175

And Paul and I both thought he could get a job EASILY anywhere, translating, based on the translations we saw. This one below, in the gondola car:

Buenos Aires176

"Don't leaning out or extract the arms out of the window"


We frequented the Plaza near our hotel- I forgot the names, but some of the buildings were built in the 1600's. Even the newer buildings, built in the 1800's and 1900', had to be built following suit to the older buildings. I really didn't take many pictures of the plaza, but one night shot this one:

Buenos Aires177

We ate several times at the restaurant NEW TIME (they had WiFi that worked!), so this picture was taken there. There were a lot of restaurants in the plaza, so we pretty much ate there for lunch and dinner everyday.

That's it for now. Another post later.
Oh, yes, we got home safe and sound, all of our luggage intact, all of our wine intact, and nothing broken or damaged!

We are planning on going out to the farm tomorrow for the WHOLE weekend. I'm so excited! We've been in big cities for a while, and to not hear cars honking for several hours will be fantastic!

Chao, chao!


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