Maternity Shoot

We had a lovely maternity shoot with the beautiful Jedidah Hall, and when her due date gets closer, I will be doing photos for her and her Mr.!

I hadn't planned on doing maternity photos, I guess just because I felt like it's a bit cliche and a pain in the butt to prepare for. Plus, it's hot, I'm 8 months pregnant, and getting out in the heat for superficial reasons sounded completely NOT worth it. 

Then, I realized I may regret it if I didn't. What if round two of motherhood I decide I want them, and I look more mushy and am more tired and exhausted than I am now? Yep, better do it this time. Plus, I realized it had been four, yes FOUR years, since Paul and I had had a Photoshoot done. 

Jedidah did a great job, and I enjoyed editing our photos. I am really glad we decided to do this, and it was a really good refresher for me to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. It's nice to be in touch with what my clients might be feeling, because sometimes I forget how awkward you can feel. 


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