I succumbed! I'll write posts on xanga, then publish them twice. :-P

I usually have words pouring out of my head, but right now...

...Well, maybe the thing is, I have so many things to say, I can't even start to manifest it into words. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to journal in three weeks. Who knows?

I'm in love with the mid-west's weather. As the thunderstorm rolled through today, I set down my endless homework and went outside to enjoy the tumult of it. The thunder struck a chord inside of me, and the lightning zipped it's way into the cloudy sky. I headed out to take Cruiser on a walk, and we walked, and walked and walked. I loved the drops of rain hitting my face, and the wetness they brought to my shoulders. Cruiser was antsy with the change in weather, and was frisky, bucking, galloping and alert as we walked the property. We went back to the corral, and then I headed towards home. I got there, and ran onto a mound of dirt, raised my arms to the sky and taunted the lightning to strike me. It didn't. I stood out there, in the rain, and soaked it all in.

I was trying to post some pictures that I took from last Wednesday, but it's not working (connection failing because of the storm, the application I'm using to try to get the pics down to a smaller size so I CAN upload them to the internet is being retarded, so nevermind). Maybe I will post some soon, when I'm using my laptop, and not the home computer. They were of Cruiser and I.


Okay, I persevered:

Isn't that an amazing picture? I didn't take it though... my Dad did.

Cruiser bucking!

Grandma and Grandpa came out for Brent's birthday (this was on Wednesday)...


  1. beautifull horse....amazing pics....



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