Life Plan Update, and news about today.

Life Plan Update
Several things:

Thing Number One: If you are a guy, and you ever see me being hit on and you know I am feeling awkward, offer (as John Eldredge would say) your strength, and somehow verbally get me outta it. Dude, I don't know, it's just a perfect opportunity to be strong! I don't care if it means non-verbally glaring at the guy, or putting your arm around my chair. I think good guys don't know how much that could be appreciated. Okay, on to thing number two which has nothing to do with thing number one...

Thing Number Two: I got to thinking about my life plan today (and like I said before, I don't even care if any of it happens, I just need to have plans... my life will probably end up being FAR far FAR different from my plans (plans which I don't really care about)), but I decided I have a better idea than what I first wrote out. Here is how it goes:

Finish ITP program, graduate.
Stay in the area, and work for an agency for a year or a year and a half. Save money. Maybe spend part of that time interpreting for National Park tours somewhere (Yellowstone!). Buy a motorcycle and see as many different places in the U.S. as possible.
Travel for 6 months to 1 year. Consider studying abroad for part of this time (I would study international intelligence, so I could be a spy)...
Come back to the states, live in the Pacific NW, and be a spy, using my interpreting job as a cover for a "normal" job... Freelance interpreting on the side.
Buy a houseboat and continue to live in that area, spying and interpreting.
Bust an international trade scandal, and expose corrupt businessmen.
After the crescendo of my spying career, join an archeological internship in the middle east somewhere, and dig up buried cities, and learn Hebrew.
Things that could make me change my mind:

That Aussi comin' 'round.
I get struck by lightning and decide to write a national best seller about my experience.
I get sidetracked on my first travel experience, and decide to live there for the rest of my life.

What is your life plan?

For those of you who haven't responded, I want to know your "life plan" even if it nothing more than a crazy string of things you REALLY don't think you'll ever do!

Today was GREAT.

Amir and Timmy gave Stacie and I a self defense lesson, and I'm ready to whoop any guys' ass who tries anything. I can get out of a choking situation, pull of ears and send a nose up a brain. Pretty sweet stuff. Apparently Amir is trained in Israeli warfare, something called Krav Maga, and Timmy is a Champion Wrestler, so between the both of them, Stacie and I learned how to get out of a choking situation, a headlock, and make someone drop something they are threatening you with, along with tips on how to break noses and pull off ears (I guess it only takes 8 pounds of pulling to rip one off). It was great, of course, the guys pulled moves off on each other and it was fun to watch.

I also watched the Cavaliers play some Baseball- We decided we needed to support our baseball team, so a bunch of us from FCA and the girls Basketball team went out to the playing field for a home game. We were getting our butts whuped when I left.

Came home, ran out to Cruiser, worked with him for a few minutes (sadly... I feel like I barely have time to spend with him, I'm so distraught about that), and then came inside. I have a bit of HW to finish before tomorrow, but so far, this week has been a piece of cake. I'm sad about the semester being over (in like two months, lol!) in the fact that I won't see my people everyday, but happy in the fact that I won't be in class. If I get a job in KC, I'll be up there though, so that will supply ample opportunities for hanging out. Oh psshhhh, I'm just whining now.

I think we might watch a movie called Camilla tonight... I've been wanting to see it, just for the name fact, but I don't know if it's any good. I think it's pronounced "Cam-ILL-uh", so that will be VASTLY annoying.


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