Rare Saddam Hussain Photo Album, Becoming Jane, and other thoughts of late.

Well, unfortunately, no new pics to show. I just can't seem to take my hands out of my gloves to take a picture.

I've been pretty busy lately, mostly either with work, or just over committing myself to various things.
Like, tonight, I have a mandatory staff meeting, which I usually kind of dread, but end up having a good time. It takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get there in rush hour, and there is NO avoiding rush hour, so overall, it eats up about 3.75 hours of my evening. But the time I get home, it's 9:00, and I go to bed. Fun, right?

Tomorrow night, I'm working till 10:00, Thursday night is House Church, and Friday night we're babysitting our niece (which will be fun, but is normally our date night...)

So, with one available night this week (last night) we got Becoming Jane, and watched that. I really liked it, but Paul didn't like the ending and said that he wanted to invent a time machine so he could go back in time and give Thomas some money, so he and Jane could get married. And I said, well, how's that for complicating things? If there isn't already enough need for money in various parts of the world right now, like supplying fresh water to children in Africa, then compound the need by billions, and travel back in time to help ALL the other needy people from hundreds to thousands of years... And then Paul said, yeah, maybe we should just give them gold... and I said, well maybe we should just go back in time and GET some gold... and then he said, well, that would be cheating.

Anyway, there was an aspect of the movie I didn't like, and that was how they portrayed the Deaf guy. See now, I'm not disputing that it's accurate- in fact it was VERY accurate to my understanding- the Deaf man used OLD signs from the 1800's, in combination with home sign, and it was very convincing and accurate, and the signs were right for that time in history.
HOWEVER, I didn't like the fact that Jane's mom said Jane was "with the poor" when she was with the Deaf guy, because he was dressed nicely, and that didn't make him financially poor, but rather insinuated that he himself was derelict and poor because he couldn't hear, and that made me mad, but was the common thought at the time.
In addition to that, Thomas grabs Jane and kisses her passionately, RIGHT in front of the Deaf guy, which if you think about it, Thomas would not do that in front of anyone else at that time in history, because it was socially inappropriate, but he obviously did, which explains rather clearly that a Deaf person wasn't regarded as a 'normal' member of society, and therefore should not be respected- because he was being very disrespectful to another PERSON (the Deaf guy) by snatching Jane and kissing her right in front of him- as if by not hearing, the socially un-proprietyness of that gesture would not be seen or cause discomfort or alarm for him.

Also, several times, a conversation that Jane was having with the Deaf guy was interrupted by a hearing person, in regards to an issue of importance, and Jane listens, emotions wave over her face, and the Deaf guy is left guessing what is going on.

Can somebody call an interpreter, PLEASE?!

Yeah, there weren't any back then.

So onto other comments.

Apparently, Iowa is experiencing the ice age again. Paul called Sue last night and it's been -35 (HELLO?! MINUS 35!) with a windchill of -48. Yeah, that's pretty much INSTANT frost bite.
And they have so much snow, that school has been out for over a week, so they have to go until June. Niiice.

Alright, so I just watched the inauguration. President Obama said something about the importance of "a parents willingness to raise and nurture a child" and I thought, hmm, that's interesting... is he trying to get on the side of pro-lifers? Or is he really meaning that the choice TO nurture a child is in control by the parents..? (which would mean that it's perfectly fine for a parent to decide NOT to nurture their child, by KILLING them with an abortion)

I guess we'll find out, if he lifts the abortion restrictions that was signed by Bush, in the first several days of his presidency... which originally, sounds like Reagan set up, Bush Senior supported, was lifted by Clinton, was Banned again by W. Bush... I heard a rumor that the Catholics will close ALL their hospitals if Obama lifts the ban, (which would mandatorily require ANY health professional or hospital (even if they are Catholic and it fundamentally conflicts with their mission statement) to provide an abortion if it was requested, and use taxpayers dollars to do it)
As much a threat as that is (some 33% of hospitals in the US are owned and operated by Catholics) closing in opposition to the mandatory abortions (including partial-birth), would create so many lost jobs, healthcare issues, etc, that it would be a viable threat. However, I don't think it's actually possible to "close all the hospitals" because privately owned, abortion-loving people would just open them again, and re-hire all the same health practitioners, and no one would know otherwise. So the only way possible to actually make a wave with that threat is to actually DESTROY the hospitals themselves, which they would not.

So, anyway, that's my rant on that subject. I'm really not interested in debating this issue, so please don't bother to comment, unless you have ideas for destroying hospitals. (MAJORLY kidding!)

Onto the next topic:

Got some good good ideas cookin' in the thinker', but they haven't materialized to anything yet. Time is one factor...
...Okay, pretty much the only factor.

So I want to live here... (maybe). Paul and I went here on our Honeymoon- now there's a cute house for sale. Roatan Island, Honduras was my favorite place of all, that we went to.

Maybe if I was retiring. Wait... that will be in 43 years or so.

Okay, this is funny:

Saddam Hussain has a very rare photo album listed on e-bay for $100,000.

If you have the time or curiosity, check out this e-bay item
...Some guy is selling a package, titled,
"Barack Obama Let TheTruth Be Told A RARE LETTER ...A Rare Collectible Item of Great Political Significance"
He sent it to the Obama campaign, and it was refused, and sent back. He is asking $333,000 for the returned package (Rare collectable item of great political significance?!). He goes on to explain what is included in the package, and it's some research he's compiled about all the chemicals that are found in babies umbilical cords ... and how our government has approved those chemicals, etc...

He does admit in the end, he's only trying to advertise for his potential holistic health clinic he's wanting to open in Wisconsin.

I'm sure he's a very smart guy. He got my attention.


Okay, long post.

Have a good week.


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