Beauty in the adjustment

What some time passing will do for your life... ...Wow. Here we are, living in Spain. Adjusting, albeit slowly, to the dailiness of life in a foreign place.

It's good. It's rough. It's rewarding. It's us.

Just the three of us. I love the city where I'm from.
I love the people that I'm missing.

But being here, with my life-mate, taking on the challenges together, parenting our son... Doing this big adventure with the two most important people in my life... Beautiful.

I am simultaneously in awe of the beauty the surrounds me, intrigued with the lives of what being 'Spanish' means, the being completely angry and frustrated. It's kind of normal to feel like 'I've got this' in one moment, and wanting to yell and scream and throw things in the next moment, and then be so grieved at what I have given up to come here that my heart aches deep down, and the only balm is the sweet peace of Jesus knowing we are where we are supposed to be.

So, I'll say it again. Beautiful. In the joys, the new experiences, the epic failures, the sadness, the togetherness... It's all washed into a beautiful peaceful feeling when the sun sets north of the mountains, and the reflection lights up the peaks with a glowing peach on their snow-capped edifices... Beautiful when I see the ocean waves crashing into the rocks with magnificent force... As God created this beautiful land, He is completely capable of creating the same magnificence in me, with all the parts that feel disjointed, into this beautiful picture of peace and purpose.


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